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Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to inform you that the Association for Preventive Pediatrics of Serbia continues its work this year, by holding the 7th Congress of UPPS in the period from 25 to 26 September, and so that interested participants would not be deprived of the latest knowledge in the field of prevention in pediatrics. Since the legal conditions for the immediate holding of the congress have not been met yet, it will be held "Online" this year.

As one of the solutions for obtaining points (the Congress was accredited as an international with the maximum number of points), the Association asked all lecturers to translate their lectures into the Online KME test which will be accredited by the Association for Preventive Pediatrics of Serbia. the right of power can be claimed only by the participants of the Congress with their unique "password" which they will receive as participants in the Congress.

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which our health system is still, the Presidency of the Association at the last meeting also decided that all participants in the "Virtual Part of the Congress" be exempt from paying registration fees.

We hope that despite all the new circumstances, the quality of the congress will not be called into question, and that we will continue as soon as possible with the current way of direct contact, which is much dearer and closer to all of us.

UPPS Organizing Committee